photoErtan Kurt is an ─░stanbul based music-man inspired by existence of music itself, without any borders or genres or prejudices (definitely exceptions occur for “minimal my ass”). But obviously, Motown is something that changed his life. He has been a loyal-vinyl-lover since then, seeking and digging for mainly soul, funk and hip-hop based records and shares them.

Ertan Kurt currently airs on Wednesday nights at 22:00 local time, on Standart FM (www.standart.fm). He also keeps on sharing and spreading music in local venues such as Trip v2.0, Babylon, Quit, TAG, Stereogun, Ghetto, 35 Gram, etc. in Istanbul; festivals like Rock’n Coke, Sunsplash Antalya, Sun.day.sky, Garden Sale. Besides, he reckons the sincerity of sharing music globally, in Thessaloniki, London, Milano and so. Performing in clubs and special events are occasionally welcomed.

Some of these sets, mixes and radio show records can be found on Hearthis (hearthis.at/ertankurt), Mixcloud (mixcloud.com/ertankurt) and over this website as well as the playlists of the show, here on Soulfunktion.org.

Dismiss your prejudices, be aware that none of us is privileged, and spread your soul.

Jusqu’ici tout va bien.

Love, Peace & Soul.

contact: kurt [at] soulfunktion.org