Blend Mishkin spins for Coop



Blend Mishkin will be spinning the finest Reggae, Dancehall, Tropical, Moombahton and Jamaican Bass for COOP.

Blend Mishkin was born and raised in Athens, for the last 15 years he is DJing and producing music under various names and he has been releasing it through labels like Cooking/Good Looking (UK), Pork Recordings (UK), Shadow Records (US), Irish Moss (IR), Gamm (SE), Bstrd Boots (US), Cast-a-Blast (GR), Rebtuz (UK) and Nice Up (UK). His Remix and production work include Dub Pistols, Wax Tailor, The Hot 8 Brass Band, DJ Spooky, Dirty Dubsters, Grant Phabao and vocalists Carlton Livingston, Jamalski, Sani Showbizz, Screechy Dan, African Simba, Peppery and BnC among others. In 2006 he co-founded Cast-a-Blast, a recording label featuring artists such as Turntable Dubbers, Palov & Mishkin, Max Rubadub and Clinton Sly. His DJ travels has taken him to Austria, Denmark, UK, Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria and other nice places while in Athens he co-runs “Mammy Hot Daddy Cool” nights with partner DJ Anna Mystic and the infamous Rewind Guaranteed!


Warm up by Ertan Kurt (Soul Funktion)! Free entrance!